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Meet the GNT Leadership Team

Our Team.

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Pastors Ray & Angela Goodson / founders of Good News Tabernacle

This barber-by-day and Pastor by God’s calling is not only cutting hair and cleaning up faces, he is wielding the Sword of  the Spirit and cutting down spiritual giants! No wonder our Pastor has been known to rock a superman cape a time or two. While he will humbly tell you that he has short-comings like the rest of us, GNT is proud to call this servant of Christ our Pastor, Ray Goodson. His entire life has been in and around church, and although he did struggle for a bit with his calling to preach, now-a-days there is no where else he would rather be than bringing forth the Gospel of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Faithfully by his side in life and ministry is Pastor Angela Goodson. This mighty woman of God can sing an awesome hymn, cook an Instant Pot meal in a minute, and encourage a child of God with sound advice and Godly wisdom. She too spent most of her days in and around the fellowship and community of the church. That is why we know how very much GNT is blessed to have her working both on-the-scene and behind the scenes to keep this village running in tip-top shape.

These two have been married for 20+ years now. They were blessed with two amazing sons, Matthew and Dustin, who both serve in the GNT Platform Ministry. And now, they continue to see their family grow with two beautiful towheaded grandchildren that are ready to grab a microphone and get in on the worship too.

If you’re looking for down-to-earth, everyday folks to be your Pastor…. GNT is the Place to Be!

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From Left to Right: 
Scott Seigler

Robert Kitchin

Steve Self

Alan Davidson

These men of God work together to provide spiritual support to the GNT family and wise counsel to our Pastor. As Pastor Ray prays to hear the mind of the Lord, he takes the vision he has received from the Lord and works with the Board to bring fulfillment to that vision.

Through much prayer and strategic planning, these men see the future of GNT and diligently seek to bring God’s purpose, plans, and will to life in the congregation. Our Board faithfully meets with the Pastor on a regular basis to discuss the needs of the church, address issues, and plan next steps for the growth and development of the church in all aspects. Serving on the church board is not a position of power or politics, rather it is a spiritual responsibility for which God has graciously equipped these gentlemen.

We are blessed to know that these men carry our church in their hearts at all times.

May we lovingly support them in prayer and supplication.

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