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God’s Peace is for YOU!

Psalm 29:11 NLT

"The Lord gives his people strength; the Lord blesses them with Peace."

Peace biblical meaning: to be complete or to be of sound mind.

God is not the God of madness or mayhem.

What an absolute gift to have scripture that can clearly point that out for us! God is a safe space for you. Somewhere you can be assured that help is on the way! When you are worried about health problems, drama at work, a disagreement with your spouse or the NEVER ENDING inflation on pretty much everything around us, remind yourself that God already knows your situation and will always be there to help in times of hardship. God will NEVER hinder you from your peace.

Just pray, seek Him & God will provide a powerful peace over your life and situation that nothing on Earth can destroy!

What things in your life are keeping you from your own peace? It's a new year and such a perfect opportunity to work on making our personal peace our #1 priority!

Prayer by: Caroline Helms

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