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Weekly Devotional - Keep your faith in God

"Don't count on your warhorse to give you victory - for all its strength, it cannot save you." Psalm 33-17 NLT

For thousands of years, horses were thought to be a very strong defense during war. Sitting above your opposition is the ideal vantage point. But imagine riding into battle on a horse you are unfamiliar with. You put all your faith in this horse thinking it's going to be your life line in the fight to come.

Except this horse is unruly, unwilling to succumb to any of your commands. Instead he hurries you into danger rather than saving you from it.

That is exactly what happens when we put our faith in anything other than God!

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING else is unreliable.

It is in our best interest to make sure God's favor is always toward us and His power and strength is where our hope lies.

Then, there will be no fear for whatever is against us or whatever battles we may have to face.

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